Sunday, July 11, 2010

My junk sale treasure haul!

A battered little baby that I really want to make a necklace out of somehow.
A batch of vintage Catholic medals. Love them!
A super cool brass tag from 1966.
Wind watches and watch guts.
Cool little diary keys for a pair of earrings.
A lovely cross with a stone setting.
Some vintage jewelry to cannibalize and repurpose.
And, the piece de resistance, a teeny tiny Scottie dog charm in celluloid.
It was a good day.


  1. Nice haul! It's always so fun and inspiring to find such treasures!

  2. wow. Looks like you will be busy. I would keep that baby doll if I were you-it reminds me a little of the twilight you remember the talking tina episode? I think you did well. Those saint medals seem to be pretty popular right now.

    More Later!

  3. and an OWL!!!!!!!!! (are those still hip?!)