Thursday, August 19, 2010

Three signs that Mother Nature is angry and trying to kill us

Number One: It's hot! Hot for days and days. Humid icky hot. And this is coming off of a winter where we had ginormous drifting snow in February, and a long period of cold cold cold. Mother Nature is trying to cook us. If that doesn't work, she'll give us some wicked freezer burn and force us to shovel for hours to get our gas-burning, pollution-coughing cars out of the driveway.

Number Two: Bedbug infestations. I heard this morning that these nasty little suckers are now hiding inside clothing in stores and mail order centers, as well as in seats at the movie theater. Also, there's a theory that bedbugs are becoming immune to insecticides. Mother Nature is building better, stronger bugs.
Number three: Bull attack. Yesterday, in Spain, a bull decided that it didn't want to be part of the daily bullfight, climbed the wall of the stadium, and trampled onlookers. Forty people were injured. Have you seen this video? A half ton bull climbed a freaking wall? I don't blame it for not want to reach the end of the fight, but you tell me that this is normal. If Mother Nature can't drive us out with unbearable temperatures and unkillable itch bugs, she will unleash giant angry bulls on our behinds!
For heaven's sake, people, start recycling! And when is that colony on Mars going to be available?


  1. yeah, I always freeze or put in dryer everything I get in the mail or from the store. And I don't bring the boxes inside either.

  2. I laughed and then I thought, uh oh, maybe this isn't meant to be funny, please tell me slightly, we could literally scare ourselves to death if we focused on all the bad, but seriously if you go to a bull fight expect the Bull to be P.O'd.

    Nice post, Laura, as always thought provoking with humour!

    Have a good one, T. :)

  3. I hope it was meant to be funny, but the bull incident made me pause.

  4. OMG. Why did you have to talk about bed bugs???? Now I'm gonna have the heebie jeebies all week!