Monday, August 9, 2010

TV! Project Runway

Last week on Project Runway, our dozens of designertestants had to whip up a look for a Marie Claire billboard that would be erected (erected, heh) in Times Square. And here is your winner, from the mullet chick who won last week. It's, um, a jumpsuit with little tie things at the ankle and it's ugly! Yay! No, I really dislike this garment, and the designer is already talking about what a badass she is. I see doom in her future. Also, I thought I would really enjoy an extra half hour of this show, but it feels really draggy at an hour and a half. I have trouble sitting still for that long, honestly.

But the interesting part of last week's episode was they eliminated two, yes two!, designers. One was the loudmouth jerk who wore a bowler hat to intimidate people. His first garment was held together with staples. I thought I was the only one who stapled clothes. This one was held together with. . . safety pins! Cool! It kinda looks like a satin anarchist placemat dress, styled by Pinky and the Brain. Yeah, I don't know what that means either, but I think it's fairly close. Now, I would like to share some philosophical quotes from Jason, the eliminated Clockwork Orange wannabe designer guy:

"Infinity is just, you know, forever. What's better than infinity?" (I have an answer to that. Infinity X McFrappe = Forever Awesomeness)

"I'm a straight guy in a gay man's world." (For an honest and heartfelt response to this utter silliness, please see TLo's post here.)

"I'm not prototype Jack." (Have you ever seen this show, Hat Dude? Basically, your job on the show is to make one-off prototypes under ridiculous time constraints, sometimes out of plants and garbage, all while deprived of sleep and eating only Chinese and/or Mexican food.)
They also eliminated the sweet little fellow, Nicholas, who made this three-piece look. He basically just had too much going on, the look was neither day nor evening, office nor night out, and some of the finishing was a bit wonky. I felt terrible for him, though, because they pulled out the surprise second aufing, and he completely broke down on the runway and wept. It was like he'd been kicked out of the good neighborhood of Oz, not the one with the flying monkeys. Poor guy.
I haven't picked a front runner yet. Heck, I haven't even learned their names. I do like Mondo, however, even if his name is Mondo, and a couple others. Also, it seems like a lot of these people are just bitchy for no real reason. I miss Season One when everything was so sweet and unaware, and everyone got along and loved each. . . oh, wait, Season One had Wendy Pepper.
What can I say. I'm not Prototype Jill here, people.


  1. Ha! I actually saw this episode. What was with the safety pin guy? Poor social awkward Mondo with no friends. I wanted to hug him and then tell him to man up a little cause he'll need those balls to make it thru this competition!

  2. I can't tell if safety pin guy honestly had no idea what the show was about, or if he was just a huge jerk with no sewing or social skills. Bye-bye, bowler hat!