Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a great day at MAB Studios!

In an office where I used to work, for a multimillion dollar company, I used to occasionally answer the phone, "Good morning! It's a great day at Blahty Blah-blah! How can I help you?" That usually meant that the day had actually dissolved into psychotic misery.
However, it really is a great day here at MAB Studios! Why?
Our new snakey mice arrived from catcalls on Etsy. So, my little feline assistants are bursting with kitteny joy, magnified by whatever catnip Patty from catcalls uses.
I promise, neither Franklin nor Gus will be allowed to handle the merchandise until they come down. . . um, I mean recover from this day's greatness.


  1. How funny! You need to take videos and post them,too! You have the cutest kitties! Thanks for the mention!

  2. Aww, too funny. Kitties on a cat nip trip. heehee. Love them and of course the snakey mice from Patty's shop. heehee.

  3. Love this! You're kitties are so cute!! Looks like fun toys for them!

  4. Dude! Your company doesn't have mandatory drug tests, does it?? 'Cuz those look like "happy" kitties ;-)
    Patty is awesome!!1
    Kelly & Crew