Monday, September 13, 2010

TV! Project Runway!

Ah, dear readers, last week's Project Runway was a tale of personalities. A bipoloar episode, for many reasons. The challenge was kind of ingenious--your resort wear design will be executed by a fellow designtestant. This is how fashion works in the real world, similar to how I sketch jewelry designs, but the cats actually do the work. Once Mondo and Michael C. made up, there was surprisingly low voltage drama from this bunch. I expected full out stabbing, but no. My crippling sadness came when Casanova was eliminated for this very beige, lady who lunches outfit. I don't care if he's making great fashion. I love Casanova! He wears turbans and genie shoes. He says funny things. He's like a Beanie Baby. How could they ever let him go after we've all bonded with him? He needs his own show--Casanova's Variety Hour. I will miss him, and his senior citizen Dubai pole dancer creations.
And here's your winning garment from April. Now, again, in a personality competition, April is the designtestant I most want to hang out with. She's quick, sarcastic, and curses like a truck driver. However, I am not at all crazy about this outfit as resort wear. It looks like a baby doll nightie with a Eurythmics strap treatment and granny pannies. Yes, pannies. Exactly what resort encourages this sort of dressing? I'm not sure. I was glad to see her take a challenge, but this doesn't get it for me.
Also, at last week's Fashion Week, all of the designers remaining on the show, including Casanova, got to show. You can see all of the final collections over at the TLo blog. I only look at them after the designer is eliminated from the show, because I don't want to ruin the surprise at the end. It kind of takes some of the thunder away from the final three though, doesn't it? The producers really need to get the timing down so this doesn't happen every season. The big joy is in getting to show at Fashion Week. If everyone gets to show. . . doesn't that steal some of the thunder? Esssssactly, as Casanova might say.

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  1. I love that word Pannies. I used to use that word all the time when my daughter was little.

    I liked April's outfit. I agree it was not resort wear, but it was funky.