Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV! Project Runway

Last week was probably the singular most confusing challenge of all time on Project Runway. Seriously, guys, you have no idea! I read some gossip online, and apparently the challenge changed three times from start to finish. It was originally an outfit that Katie Holmes (kidnap victim, er, wife of Tom Cruise) would wear while portraying Jackie Kennedy in some program on the History Channel. That deal fell through, so they were going to transform the garments into ballroom dancing oufits? No, seriously. Then, it turned into American sportswear either inspired by Jackie or that Jackie might wear today or that Jackie might steal from Bergdorfs, if she were for some reason transported into present day time as a crazed shoplifter. Then they added an outerwear design twist.

Here is another reason why I can't be on this show, in addition to the fact that I can't design clothing or sew, except to put on a button. Okay, my buttons turn out kind of wonky, and I once stapled a shirt sleeve together when the hem fell out. Disorganization makes me crazy, especially in high pressure situations. It would not be a good time for MAB to have pointy scissors.

Anyway, here is your much deserved winning garment, from Mondo. Mondo Mondo Mondo. His name is so fun to say. Everyone's design pretty much looked like crap, honestly, and this was the only one that was as polished and crisp as Jackie always looked. I love the contrast of the stripes with the oversized houndstooth, and his little tailored jacket had a purple lining and was so divine.

And here is your loser, from Michael D. It's a hip-broadening skirt, with two layers of shapeless tank tops. With the addition of a strange houndstooth sort of Chanel-esque jacket that just didn't work. Oh, Michael, I will miss you and your weird voice and your interesting creations.

This week, our designtestants will design swimwear for rhinos. No, wait, for penguins. No, wait, for Courtney Love.


  1. What Mondo was wearing for the runway show was my fav! What a character!

    I was sad to see Michael D. go...to me, those ridiculous parachute pants should have been the loser.

  2. Oh, lord, those pants frightened me! How could they both be baggy AND induce camel-toe? "Jackie Kennedy would never have camel-toe," says Tim Gunn!

  3. Lol, I know, I loved it when he said that!