Monday, October 4, 2010

TV! Project Runway

Yes, Lifetime and the producers flim-flammed us by showing us multiple previews promising shocking cheating allegations. We got no cheating. However, what we did get was the charisma, creativity and honesty of Mondo. This was the "create your own print" challenge that they did last year, and a lot of the designtestants had a lot of issues. Plus, for the first time ever, the designers' families came in for a visit, prompting tears and derailing. I'll admit, I got a little teary over the reunions, but not nearly as teary as I got over Mondo's story behind his print. There's something terribly wrong with a society that judges you based on who you're attracted to, isn't there? I have never understood it. Mondo's print with the plus sign design alludes to the fact that he has been HIV positive for ten years. He's kept this a secret, and no one in his family knew. It's amazing that medical science has progressed to the point where the symptoms of this disease can be checked and he can be healthy. Thank heavens for that. And it's amazing that he would have to keep this, and his sexuality, a secret from those who love him. I didn't think it was possible for me to love Mondo more, just like I never expected Project Runway to make me cry like I did. His design, and his strength of character, from this episode pretty much cement his inclusion in the final three, and deservedly so. And kudos to my friend Gini who picked him from the start.

After all of my glowing praise, I kind of hate to show you the losing garment from Valerie. It was a muddy, sort of sad, indistinct print, made into an almost exact replica of the napkin dress she designed earlier this season for the party shop merchandise challenge. Valerie is one of those contestants who seems to start out strong and then just gets worn down and worn out by the competition. I would be exactly the same way, except I would probably also be smacking people on my way out the door. Valerie is an interesting designer, but the show just snuffed out her candle. Good luck, super cute Cleveland chick.

Now. . . this week. . . we get cheating, right? Evil cheating, and Tim saying, "You won't be allowed to return to the show." You promised, Lifetime.


  1. Hey chickie!.....I didn't see this episode but now I want to catch up. Lot's of compliments on the are amazing!

  2. Wow I wish now that I watched this one.