Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dear Olsen Twins

Look, we've talked before. You girls are twenty-four years old, for a combined age of 48. However, you dress like retired ladies playing mah jong in Boca. Please take a note from. . .

The fanastic and fun Betsey Johnson who, at 68, is two decades older than your combined age.
Do you see Betsey with gigantic, woeful Blythe doll eyes and subway flasher coats? No. Betsey loves life. Olsen twins, please love life. . .


  1. LOL!!!! Those Olsen twins . . . .they're so emo *snicker*

  2. I think they are covering up their little skeletal bodies. Plus they get celebrity points for the huddled scared look like they are being stalked. It's like they are creating little rooms for themselves with those coats. Little private green rooms for "special" people whereever they happen to be...just hunker down under your hair, behind your glasses, deep in the recesses of your coat-careful girls, don't get lost in there. I'm surprised that their body weight can even hold up those giant coats!