Thursday, November 11, 2010

TV! The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show: The Ultimate Collection premiered on Bravo Tuesday night at ten. It's worth a watch, because it has wacky people making fashion under ridiculous time constraints, to be judged by a model, a designer, a fashion magazine editor, and some other random people. In other words, it's a lot like Project Runway, only without Tim. Here's the good and bad breakdown for you.

The Good
1. Iman--Seriously, she's 55 years old? Wow. And she has some great one-liners. The fellows over at the TLo blog have suggested tacking on ". . . or I will kill you" to the end of everything she says, and that does make the show better.
2. Isaac Mizrahi--I love Isaac, I can't help it.
3. The designtestants have been separated into two teams, or "fashion houses," for the duration of the show. As we've seen on Project Runway, team challenges equal instant drama. A whole season of team challenges equal a whole season of ridiculous drama.
4. There is one designer on the show who is just hysterically over the top evil. He almost got cut this week though, but his lack of fluent English makes him pretty funny to watch.
The Bad
1. Iman--She's beautiful and prickly, but sometimes it's almost like a drag queen playing Iman.
2. Isaac Mizrahi--I love Isaac, I can't help it, but he is no Tim Gunn.
3. The designtestants have been divided into two teams for the duration of the show. While team challenges do equal drama, they most often to not equal great fashion. Either people fight and can't focus on what they're doing, or they don't fight and everything they design is watered down for the purpose of the group.
4. There is one designer who is over the top evil. There's also a pair of emotionally conjoined women, a guy who looks like Little Richard, and some dude who went on and on about Greenpeace people travelling from the future to the present to wear his 80s inspired clothes. . . or something. I don't know, I didn't see much that made me excited.
I might still have Project Runway hangover. But you know I'll be watching this.
Oh, yeah, the challenge this week was to make a dress for Iman, and some dude won for a perfectly executed dress that was elegant, flowing, and like a zillion dresses we have seen before.

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  1. Just watched episode 1 on Hulu. Better than last season, definitely, but still no Project Runway. I wish they'd post all the eps on Hulu instead of just some every now and then. :: pouts ::