Thursday, November 18, 2010

TV! The Fashion Show

I'm enjoying this show, if for no other reason that it gives me the opportunity to post a picture of Iman in a fabulous fur vest standing next to a flayed open human body.

So, this week, the designtestants had to create garments inspired by the travelling exhibition of The Body. This show was installed at a local museum, and there was much uproar over it because it consists of actual human cadavers. My mom was incensed.
Anyway, the designs were mostly good, some wacky dude in a hat quit and left, and Calvin, pictured here, proved again to be the most colorful character on the show. The Fashion Show doesn't quite measure up to early Project Runway, but it's certainly as good as anything PR has cranked out in the past few seasons, since it moved to Lifetime. Worth watching for great Iman quotes alone: "That dress has more tricks than a hooker."


  1. I forgot that one had started up again. At least they got Iman this time instead of one of the "other chicks" from Destiny's Child. heh

  2. I LOVE The Body!!! I go see it every time it comes to the Denver Natural History Museum!!! I don't know why it upsets people . . .