Saturday, December 18, 2010

Movies! Cashback

Okay, don't let the poster deceive you. This is one of the sweetest, dreamiest movies I have ever seen. I'm not good at sweet movies. I tend to like dark movies that usually feature at least one dead body. So, if I like a sweet movie, it must be a pretty dang good sweet movie, right? Cashback, directed by Brit Sean Ellis, began as a 2004 short movie that won a bunch of independent film awards. Ellis then reimagined it as a full-length feature released two years later. The plot goes a little like this.
Ben is an art school student who experiences terrible insomnia after breaking up with his girlfriend. To pass his evening hours, he takes a job at a twenty-four hour grocery store with a motley group of co-workers. To escape the monotony of his job, Ben begins stopping time. Everyone and everything freezes while he is able to move about, sketching women in the aisles in various states of undress. This movie does have a great deal of female nudity, so if that offends you, this is a definite pass.
However, it's so romantic and beautifully shot. I just smiled while I was watching it. Plus, it has that English humor that always cracks me up. So, if you want to put the zombies and serial killers on hold for a night, check this one out. I think you might just fall in love with it.

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  1. Sounds good to me! Think we'll check it out. Happy, happy holidays to you!