Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Etsy is like old time, small town America, featuring Team Bacon!

My mom always talks about small town America in the Fifties and Sixties, how everyone knew everyone, and Main Street was lined with charming individual shops for everything you needed. No Wal-Mart where you went and bought everything you needed from a huge, faceless corporation, but a bunch of individual shopkeepers who knew your name and cared about customers.
Etsy is a lot like that. A lovely batch of sellers where you can get great stuff you want and need from people who know you and want to make you happy.
Bacon from the butcher shop!
Bacon tags, from teambacon

Fresh veggies from the produce stand!
Garden peas pendant, from LonesomeRoadStudio2

Hot coffee from the corner cafe!
Coffee Fueled messenger bag, from gothicreations

Seafood from the fish monger!
Blue and pink squid, from SquidBullySquid

Sweet honey from the beekeeper!
Queen Bee milk and honey soap, from HelloCrafty

Brown eggs from the chicken keeper!
Fried Egg Smiling dish cloth, from kitchekitsch

An arranged marriage from the matchmaker!
Just Married bunting banner garland, from Zippityduda

A new sailboat from the boat maker!
Silver origami sailboat pendant, from AllegroArts

And of course gorgeous jewelry from the jeweler!

Okay, maybe you couldn't get a sailboat and arranged marriage on Main Street in small town America, but you really can find anything you could possibly dream of on Etsy.
It's my happy small town.


  1. Very cool - you really can get everything from Team Bacon!

  2. very nice and clever. Thank you so much for featuring my messenger bag. Great tiems from great artists

  3. Really cute connection and great items too!

  4. This is too cute!


    What a wonderful team "Bacon" is. I love the sail boat and the squid (sounds like a movie title :)

    I think you should get Gus to use the pledge thingys himself, you know you have to teach these dependents responsibilities but he does model jewelry for free, so......

    Have a lovely evening and stay warm, my son says they got hit with lots of snow in Bowling Green :) T.

  6. More awesomeness from MAB! Thanks, darlin'!

  7. That fried egg is just so sweet! While I respect that a lot of people are very heavily invested in the bacon fad, it's still really refreshing to see people have fun with other foods!