Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Paranoia, or not

"I am a kitty ninja. I'm working on an exact velocity formula on the mechanics of pouncing, taking into account the air temperature and how many whiskers I have. E=MEOWC squared. That orange cat will be mine. Mine, I say. Prepare to die, orange cat."

"If I close my eyes and stick out my tongue, it gets all dark and no one can see me."


  1. Just how do those kitties defy the law of gravity? They are experts in physics? With the mentality of clueless? *whew, I thought they might be smart enough to take over the world!*

  2. yer kittehs are so cute!

  3. I can't decide if your kitties are exceptionally photogenic or if you just get great shots. And then your kitty-mind reading skills are also top-notch!

    Very cute, funny, and insightful!

  4. Closing my eyes and sticking out my tongue is how *I* disappear! Creepy . . .