Friday, January 14, 2011

Snowy Ohio

It has been a hectic week here in MABville. First off, we had all of this lovely snow the beginning of the week. We also had some the middle of the week, and flurries toward the end of the week. We're supposed to have more lovely snow tomorrow, and possible snow, sleet and freezing rain Monday and Tuesday. These photos are really pretty, because you can actually see the fluffy pretty snow falling. What you can't see is me cursing as I clean off my car, shovel the sidewalks, or drive on the slippery roads.

I do love the way the falling flakes are illuminated by the flash. It looks like the inside of a snow globe.

I'm not all that sure that I love living INSIDE the snow globe, though.

We haven't had it nearly as bad as lots of other places, I know.
Still, how far away is spring? Because springs sounds really good right now.


  1. The only good thing about the snow is that it generally keeps the temps above zero! I'm tired of the snow, too, here in Minn! But I'm really dreading the below zero lows they are predicting for the next week. SPRING?? Where are you!

  2. Our snow seems to be over for a while but we are going to get artic temps over the next few days. I think I might rather take the snow cause at least it's warmer then! Spring sounds awesome and I really hope for an early one!