Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Fashion Wrap Up

Okay, as a fairly new football fan, I have to ask the teams a huge favor: You can't both wear uniforms that are predominantly yellow. It confuses me during the game. You both become Team Yellow Pants. Yellow is not flattering on everyone, especially yellow spandex. Try a nice royal blue or red. Also, black is always slimming. Maybe a print?! Football uniforms could use more prints! Paisley! Herringbone! Something Pucci-esque!

Christina, my love, you are a fantastic singer, but I have two tips for you:
You need to hire a new stylist, because in the past year, what you're doing isn't working.
If you're going to sing The Star Spangled Banner at the most important sports event of the year, please make sure you have all the words memorized.

You know what, I just don't get The Black Eyed Peas--not music-wise, not fashion-wise. Every song they performed sounded like it came from an iPhone commercial, and Tron couture is never the way to go.


  1. LOL!!! I don't watch football so I did not realize both teams were sporting yellow! Not good! Poor Christina. I have to agree about the stylist. She is trying to tone things down a bit but something is just not right. ~Val

  2. I'm not a big football fan, but did watch part of game in between commercials. I had the same 'Team Yellow Pants' dilema. I find your suggestions very logical and helpful for fans!