Monday, June 20, 2011

Clarence Clemons

Clarence "The Big Man" Clemons passed away Saturday at the too young age of 69. Since 1972, he was the saxophone player for Bruce Springsteen's amazing E Street Band. I first fell in love with Springsteen's music when I was ten years old. If you fall in love with Springsteen's music, you fall in love with Clarence Clemons. Onstage, Bruce and Clarence had amazing chemistry. The Springsteen concert I went to when I was sixteen is still the best live music I have ever seen, and part of that greatness was thanks to Clarence's musical abilities and charisma.

You can see Bruce introduce Clarence here, a beautiful thing. And for my favorite Clarence sax solo, check out "Jungleland," from the historic Born to Run album.

Rest in peace, Big Man.


  1. This is so sad...way too young! He was an amazing talent. I remember watching him with Springsteen during my childhood too! ~Val

  2. What a gifted man. The music world mourns. Thank God for Cds - he will never die!