Friday, June 10, 2011

OMGTV! Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows was a daily gothic romance horror soap opera that ran from 1966-1971. Love, scandal, vampires, werewolves, rich people, drafty old houses, family drama, elaborate hairdos, annoying child actors, ghosts, trips through time. . . Dark Shadows had it all. It's amazingly campy, and amazingly addictive. Now on DVD, and available through Netflix, it's a great way to spend the summer. While it's blisteringly hot outside, you can escape into the cool and shadowy haunted hallways of Collinwood. With over a thousand episodes, this could take you well through September.

But, if a tall dark-haired man who only appears after sunset tries to give you an antique music box, it's best to say no.


  1. I have never heard of this series! It looks hysterical!!! ~Val

  2. I looooove Dark Shadows - both the original and the revival series in the 90s. Silly supernatural brilliance!