Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TV! Sister Wives

Okay, I know I'm a little late to the show for this one, because it has been on for a year. I was making jewelry Sunday, and TLC was showing reruns of Sister Wives, so I ended up watching several episodes. The reality show follows Kody Brown and his four wives and many children in their daily lives. Kody is a Mormon who believes in polygamist relationships, which have a long history in the Mormon faith. Yes, these relationships are illegal, and Kody and his family agreed to do a TV show about essentially breaking the law.

I have to admit that before I watched the show, the idea of the multiple wife situation skeeved me out, and I had a negative opinion of Kody and his family. However, after watching a few episodes, I realized that all of the Browns, including the children, are fairly happy. Yes, there are some issues with jealousy, some issues with the kids, but any family has some issues. The Browns' issues really don't seem out of line.

The kids have multiple adult caretakers who are close to them and nurturing. The wives have each other to lean on. Kody seems to genuinely care for each individual and the family as a whole entity. Like I said earlier, this practice has longtime religious roots.

I guess what it comes down to is this: Who am I to judge these people and how they live and who they love? Why is this a legal issue? Why is it any of my business, in a moral sense? If they are happy and in no way harming one another or anyone else, why is this anyone's business at all? Yeah, I know it's because they're on television, but beyond that?

My big question is, how can they afford to house and feed that many people? My goodness. And what happens when you seriously need quiet time? And how would you ever set up a successful morning bathroom schedule?

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  1. Ive been very fascinated with this show. I have to say that after watching it I have changed my perception of that lifestyle. These women all went into the relationship knowing what it would be like and weren't forced so if it works for them then more power to them. At least Kody doesn't think he's God and lives in a compound keeping his family from the outside world like some of those crazy polygamists!
    I agree about the noise of all the kids it would drive me crazy! Guess I'm not a good candidate for polygamy! LOL!