Friday, August 28, 2009

Always improving at MAB Studios

Here at MAB Studios we are never content to just let things idly pass us by. Oh, no. Today, Gus took care of some much needed IT updates and general housekeeping, before completing 100% quality testing on a newly created piece of jewelry.

(Okay, he isn't really doing any quality testing. We all know that. He's just a big old fluffy drag queen of a feline, and he let me put this necklace on his head while I was taking pictures for listings. I kept saying, "Oh, look at the pretty fluffy kitty with jewelry on his head." I know some people would freak out knowing that this necklace had been on the cat's head, but my goodness it is funny, isn't it? I can't help it. I laughed until I cried. Funny old cat. I swear that he didn't get any cat germs on it.)

Meanwhile, Franklin dictated some letters, worked on the August books and established new procedures for every single action we might ever take at MAB. Then, he had to go get his passport picture taken for his bead buying trip to Czechoslovakia this fall.
(I could try to put jewelry on Franklin's head, but I would then be murdered in my sleep.)

And MAB? Well, I just keep on keeping on.


  1. Lol! This is too cute! Your cats have been hard at work--what good little assistants ;) I'm afraid my feline companion would probably just turn my jewelry into a toy, maybe chew on it a bit...which would inevitably lead to an "Oops" section in my shop ha ha! I won't tell anyone that necklace was on your cat's head lol! I promise.

  2. I know some people don't like to buy stuff where there are pets in the house, but I swear that fluff will not stick to the jewelry. Plus, it was hilarious!

  3. haha oh dear i love cats so much....

  4. lol Cats make the best models, made me smile x