Friday, August 14, 2009

Chloe Dao

Less than a week until the return of the fab "Project Runway." Woo hoo!

Some great things about Chloe Dao:

1. "Project Runway" Season Two was full of so much drama, but she somehow managed to stay above it all, design her own kind of clothing consistently, and win the entire enchilada.

2. Her clothes really are designed to compliment the female body, and she loves blue!

3. She has built a solid business out of her win, thanks to her intelligence and her marketable designs. Congratulations to her, because that's not an easy accomplishment. Here is a banging yellow trench jacket from her QVC line.

4. And this is my highest compliment--she seems like she'd be a fun chick to hang out and go shoe shopping with.

Check out her website:

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