Friday, August 7, 2009

Christian Siriano

Celebrating the much awaited return of "Project Runway" on 20 August, I'm revisiting my favorite designers from previous seasons.

Okay, people, I love me some Christian Siriano. He was incredibly entertaining on "Project Runway." Come on. If you watched Season Four, you know you loved him. He made some incredible clothing and was a joy. Honestly, his final collection made me so emotional that I cried. When you think of how young he is and what he accomplished with that collection, it was just amazing. Yes, he creates clothing for tall, thin women. Yes, he uses a lot of black. But his two ombre dresses in that collection, especially the one with the feathers--holy mama. That was serious fashion. In a weird way, I was so proud of him.

Since the show, Christian has been everywhere. I've seen him critiquing red carpet fashion. And he's also creating red carpet fashion. His Fall 2009 collection is packed with lovely jackets and suits and beautifully impossible shoes. Unusual skirts, tops and dresses. A whirlwind of creativity.

Fierce, fabulous, and flawless. Check it out here, ladies:
If that weren't enough, check out the game:

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  1. I also love Christian and have found inspiration for my jewelry from Project Runway, too! Here's the latest blog entry I wrote about the show: