Monday, August 10, 2009

What a show!!

So, Mom and I had a booth at the Englewood Fine Arts Festival over the weekend. It was our first time doing this show, and it was utterly fab. Here in Ohio, we've had the most lovely, temperate summer. . . until Saturday! Yesterday, it was ninety-four degrees and so humid that, by noon, I was rocking a serious afro. At least we had a breeze most of the time, but we were fairly well wilted by the time the show closed yesterday at five.

It was held at Centennial Park, and our booth was right next to a pond with a fountain and a very happy group of ducks. Look at the great view we had! The people were wonderfully friendly, and we had a great time. I got some incredible candles and a piece of art made from wood and tin from a 150 year old barn from Northern Ohio. And some wacky fellow tried to hypnotize my mother with his metaphysical talisman. No, really.
In addition, I handed out a ton of business cards, and something occurred to me. Even if I don't get a single sale from all of the cards I handed out this weekend, someone on the etsy website certainly will. If these potential customers come to etsy and can't find what they want in my shop, some of them will end up buying something from someone else. It's a side of the etsy community that I hadn't really considered before: Every time one of us promotes or advertises our own shops, we bring in new potential customers for all of the sellers. Most of the people I spoke with had never heard of etsy, but became very interested after I explained what it was and how many great, unusual items they might find there. So, thanks to all of you who are better at promoting than I have been, so far. I'll try to pick up some slack from here on out.

Now, I need to get back to work making stuff for the Oktoberfest in my hometown, Vandalia, just weeks from now.

I love festival season!

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