Monday, August 10, 2009

My favorite etsy artists, MademoiselleG

Welcome to the whimsical, delicate world of MademoiselleG. Genevieve, aka MademoiselleG, is a Canadian currently studying art in Brussels, Belgium, and she creates the sweetest images in pen and ink, with a slightly sharp edge and skewed vision to them. It's a difficult balance, to have a darling image that doesn't end up feeling like a children's book illustration. MademoiselleG's drawings have a certain longing undertone to them that gives delightful depth to their sweetness, all drawn in a "sweet and crazy roccoco style," as she calls it in many of her descriptions.

I recently purchased her Antoinette au corbeau print from her etsy shop. It arrived today, and it is so lovely. The mysterious princess with the emotive eyes, stroking her pet raven. Wonderful. Lacy, feminine, unique. Mademoiselle Antoinette will be such a wonderful addition to my quickly filling wall of etsy art.

MademoiselleG has a recurring character, Mister R, a distinguished turn-of-the-century rabbit with such an expressive, upper class face. These fantastic portraits possess such a great combination of wittiness with a sort of sweet melancholy undertone, along with that vintage feeling that I'm so fond of. This is a bunny of aristocratic lineage. He looks like he wants to speak to you about some serious, soulful matter, doesn't he? He looks like a bunny with a drawing room.
Gothic confections. Maybe that's an apt description.
Take a moment to browse her etsy shop for more unique drawings and other creations:


  1. omg i love them! what a great great find :)

  2. And she is so sweet, too. I just love her work.

  3. Pen and ink is not a medium I excel in, so it impresses the hell out of me when an artists
    creates such beautiful pieces.

  4. I've tried to sketch jewelry ideas when I get them, and it looks like I tried to draw with my feet! I have great admiration for our etsy fine artists.