Monday, August 17, 2009

Jewelry making tips #1

Here is the best, cheapest jewelry making tip of all time, courtesy of my auntie, the artiest lady on Earth:

Plastic lids. Yes, it's that easy. Save the plastic lids from butter bowls, Pringles (yay!), cream cheese, anything at all. Wash them up and use them to sort or hold beads while you're working. When you're done, just fold them and you can pour all of your unused beads or whatever right back into the container.

How fab is that?

Plus, it gives you an excuse to eat Pringles and cream cheese for lunch today. . .


  1. Lol! Yes, any excuse to eat more chips and cream cheese, please! Hee hee. Good tip too :)

  2. I so love Pringles and cream cheese. Onion and chive cream cheese and plain Pringles. I need to forage for real food for dinner, or I will end up with Pringles and cream cheese. . .