Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm in love with Jasper

Yes, I just might marry Jasper, in fact. It's one of the birthstones listed for Virgo, a fun little fact I just found out whilst reasearching this little essay. No wonder I love it. It's an opaque and fine grained variety of chalcedony. Um, I'm not sure what that means either, but it sounds impressive. It's protective, healing and will stabilize my chakras. Can't hurt, right? The best thing about jasper? It's really pretty!

My two favorite breeds? Types? Subspecies? Whatever you call it?

Painted Jasper and Picasso Jasper. Both get these wonderful patterns or markings or matrixes or, again, whatever you call it. It's just amazing that they naturally make such gorgeous little abstract pictures. I have run across several pieces that look like they were, well, painted by an artist. Like, say, Picasso.

I made this necklace last night, with Picasso Jasper. I finished it and went, Ooooh, ahhh, which I do not typically do.

And here is an example of Painted Jasper. It's darker, with more color, not so much like a black and white illustration. Often, it has more linear patterns that actually look like a horizon in a landscape painting.

And don't your chakras feel a whole lot better now? Mine too!


  1. Hi Mab did you see the picture jasper beads in my mighty oak necklace they are gorgeous. I love jasper too, and love your new piece it is

  2. love your new is so out of this world like a beautiful ancient artifact.I'm a virgo.

  3. When I saw that stone, I knew it was love. Thanks, guys! :)