Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vintage! A new skeleton key design

I've been snarfing up (yes, snarfing up) vintage skeleton keys lately, because they make such cool necklaces. Love the way they look, love the way they feel. I'd made one for myself, but sold it right off my neck at the last show we did a couple of weeks ago. So, last night, I was poking and fondling my collection of keys, and I thought, Wouldn't it be interesting to do a few where the key hung horizontally instead of vertically? Yes, I felt just like Einstein on the verge of discovering whatever that amazing thing was that he discovered! Aha!

So, I took some jump rings and tried them, but they didn't satisfy me. They had a nasty habit of just sliding around so the key went all wonky and weird and sideways. No.

I got my big old box of wire down from the closet shelf and tried that. Yes! Wire loops work. I made one for myself, and I haven't photographed it. I'm feeling kind of protective of it, actually, since the other one left me. And I made this one. What do you think? It's kind of fab, isn't it?

I'm sure someone else has done this, but I always get excited when I think of new ways to use the materials that I love the most. Plus, now I can snarf up more skeleton keys. Yay!
P.S. The thing that Einstein discovered? Only the Theory of Relativity. Not such a big deal. . .

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