Friday, August 21, 2009

Jewelry making tips #4

Sorting. Sorting is pure joy. Sifting through all of these lovely, shiny, smooth little bits, and organizing by color or material or whatever. My supplies had kind of gotten out of hand lately, so I spent a couple of hours tonight sorting. It so appeals to the OCD Virgo side of me, so calming and reassuring. Plus, it's so much easier if you can find that one little batch of bright blue flower bead caps when you really need them.

I have a bin of toggles and closures, a bin of charms and connectors, a bin of metal beads, a bin of stones and pearls, a bin of special beads, a bin of crystals, a bin of seed beads, bugles and delicas, and then a few more bins of glass beads separated by color. Oh, and a bin of only vintage stuff. Oh, and a big box of wire. Oh, and another bin of stones that mostly aren't drilled and need to be wire wrapped. Oh, and a few bins of extra stuff. I even did a little destashing so I could disperese some of this stuff that I bought but haven't used. I could have destashed more, but I see so much potential in this stuff. I bought it because it appealed to me at the time. It's very hard to just give up on it. Now it's all orderly and straight.

So satisfying. Mmmmm.

Kind of the opposite of flying monkeys, eh?


  1. Bins of shiny bits..... you live in heaven

  2. Right now, when it's completely organized, it's heaven. Want to come over? :)

  3. Hi Mab, I love sorting through my stash of beads , gemstone and and silver in the same way. I am such a magpie that my Virgoan hubby despairs, and creates more storage areas. Mine ends up in very Piscean eclectic chaos- but it helps my inspiration. When it is all too tidy, I can't createx

  4. It is great when you have stuff spread out all over creation and back, and you realize possibilities that weren't there before. But then I have to tidy up. You understand. . .