Saturday, August 22, 2009

My favorite etsy artists, Jesse Mosher

Rock'n'roll folk art. On plywood. Seriously. Can it get any cooler than that? I say no. All of the paintings in Jesse Mosher's shop on etsy are painted on wood that he finds or is given, from paint left over from other sources. It's completely upcycled, recycled, repurposed, whatever you want to term it. I call it seriously cool. Here's Gram Parsons, country rock icon, brooding grievous angel. If you've never listened to Gram, please go now, find his music.

From Jesse's bio:

''I gun for painted images that are as simple as I can make them. When working from photos, I seek to present the truest expression of the subject's soul. I always try to avoid leading the viewer's eye or telling them what to see. A great portrait for me is one that is open to interpretation, and can hold different meanings. It contains as little of my ideas or ego as possible, and in doing so is free to be what it is."

The ineffable Edie Sedgewick, sixties Warhol symbol of beauty gone tragic heroin victim. Wonderful. Jesse creates every day. His art is in all fifty states, thirty countries, and probably has found its way to places he doesn't even know about. He's sold over 14,000 (yes, thousand) pieces of art thus far. He's a true joyous inspiration.

More from his effusive bio:

"I want to see the day when I make my 10,000th piece, and with over 240 last year, there is no reason to think that I won't. The contribution I make to this culture, country and world is of being the animal/painter, bent on plywood under stage lights , in some rock club in the U.S.A, alongside my brothers in music, strangefeather, to the beat of a indian drum rock band. Not content to be fast or good, I am both, the man who signs his work on the back, to remind myself, I am the man behind the art, not the art itself."

I love this dual image of Chairman Bob. And I'm loving Jesse Mosher, aren't you? His enthusiasm, his creations, his talent, his success, his overflowing joy. . . He's like the modern Walt Whitman of rock'n'roll folk art. He's contagious.

Somewhere in California right now, he's probably painting. . . Van Morrison would approve.

Check out his shop:


  1. Oh, yes! I love his work! We found each other awhile ago and exchanged some hearts.
    He rules!!

  2. I love his work and his attitude! Very cool.