Saturday, August 15, 2009

Johnathan Kayne Gillaspie

Continuing my love for all things "Project Runway," let's talk about the designer formerly known as Kayne Gillaspie, now known as Johnathan Kayne. Last night, TLC aired a special pilot of a show called "Gown Crazy." The show was wonderful! Mostly because Kayne is just so much fun to watch. He was running around frantically, making six thousand pageant gowns in twenty-four hours, with rhinestones a-blazing.

I loved Kayne when he was on Season Three of "Project Runway." His enthusiasm and sweetness added a much needed lightness to a pretty snarky and dramatic season. His dress for Miss USA was, in one word, perfect. I also loved his Marilyn Monroe tribute dress and his ombre gown for the couture challenge. The fellow makes one heck of a gown, let me tell you. If you want high glam, get on the phone to his workshop Oklahoma. Can you imagine what a glorious wedding gown he would make?

Here are photos of one of his current couture, bright and beautiful one-of-a-kind dresses, as well as a couple of his pageant gowns, plus shoes to match! He's won awards for his pageant designs, and you can see why. This fellow has a heavy sparkle addiction, and he's able to translate it into glamour and elegance.

I hope TLC picks up his show. What do you get when you watch it? Fashion, frenzy and a really wonderful guy. Kayne is still super fab, even if he's now Johnathan Kayne.

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