Friday, August 14, 2009

My favorite brunettes, Cher

Once again, I may be dating myself quite a bit here, but when I was four years old, I wanted to be Cher.

I wanted to wear Bob Mackie gowns and have my own TV show and ride a palomino horse on the beach.

I wanted dark straight perfect hair to my butt and to be able to deliver sharp one line wisecracks at all times.

I wanted rhinestones and sequins and feathers and to sing "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."

And you know what? No matter what her hair color, or what she's "had done," it's quite a few years later and the lady still looks pretty dang good, doesn't she?

I think I still want to be Cher. . .


  1. Hey I would love to be Cher too Mab, I think she is beautiful. However, my hair is blonde and purple, and I am only five feet tall. That and my colour prefrences of black and purple is why my friend dubbed me the dark fairyx

  2. I'm only five feet tall, too, DarkFairy, but I have the black hair now. Yes, it's out of a bottle and it's a curly fro-fro, but it's black!