Sunday, August 2, 2009

My favorite brunettes, Suzanne Pleshette

Oh, let's start with Suzanne Pleshette. I was watching The Birds last night, and she was so wonderfully sexy and earthy in the movie. The expressive eyes, the sultry contralto voice--she's so amazingly brunette. Of course, she wasn't an icy blonde, so Hitchcock let the birds get her.

Last year, I watched a bunch of the old Bob Newhart shows, where Suzanne played his wife, Emily. Such a smart, sardonic character, great hair, great clothes, and she played off of Newhart so well. That couple had great sex, you could just tell by the way they interacted.

She was on the Johnny Carson show in 1971, and delivered the line that supposedly got her the Newhart role. Johnny was talking about his childhood in Nebraska, and asked Suzanne if she'd ever ridden a tractor. Suzanne replied: "Johnny, I've never even been in a Chevrolet."

Ah, fabulous.

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