Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My favorite etsy artists, silentsandtalkies

Take a look at these lovely paintings from silentsandtalkies on etsy. She has a love for all actors and actresses from the Golden Age of Hollywood. You know how I love Miss Louise Brooks. What's so wonderful about this is how the portrait dominates the entire area. Yes, Louise is to one side, but the use of that bright blue blank space just makes the image of Louise and her shiny black hair pop!

And here's a portrait of my all-time Hollywood crush, Robert Mitchum. Seriously, the man had the most gorgeous eyes ever caught on film. Placing his black and white image against this warm dark red background is genius. The original Bad Boy. . .

And then there's silent movie goddess Theda Bara. She had the most expressive eyes of all of the silent movie starlets. She was the lady for whom the term "vamp" was coined. How's that for a way to go down in history?
What is so wonderful about silentsandtalkies' work is this--she is immortalizing these once grand stars who have begun to be forgotten. Louise, Mitchum, Theda--all such expressive faces, and all beautifully captured in the black and white that originally made them famous. So wonderful.
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  1. Gorgeous!
    also this is quite eerie... One of my latest paintings is also of Louise, I forgot to post about it!
    She has such a compelling screen presence, so beautiful.


  2. I love Louise. It's so amazing that she only made a few movies, but people still recognize the hair and those beautiful eyes.

  3. I know, it's funny how some people are just iconic. I would love to be able to pull off that hair, although I fear that as a redhead, I would end up looking like Peter Pan than anything else!

  4. I cut mine short in May, and it is black, but it looks nothing like Louise. It's very naturally curly. Most days, I end up looking like Bob Dylan in 1968.