Monday, August 24, 2009

New movie obsession

Okay, I've exhausted all of Hitchcock. Yes, even Family Plot! So, I need a new movie obsession. I've decided to go with Film Noir. IMDB lists the top fifty best Film Noir movies as follows:

1. Sunset Boulevard (fab with excessive and glorious Gloria Swanson and dead narrator)

2. Double Indemnity (double fab with excessive blonde pageboyed Barbara Stanwyck)

3. M (wunderbar, sinister and German)

4. The Third Man (fab, Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles)

5. The Maltese Falcon (fab with Bogey and Lorre and a statue)

6. Touch of Evil (Orson Welles, YES! love this movie)

7. Strangers on a Train (Hitchcock, my favorite movie of all time)

8. Notorious (Hitchcock, spies and wine cellars and poison)

9. The Big Sleep (more Bogey and the magnificent Lauren Bacall)

10. The Ox-Bow Incident (huh? always thought it was a Western)

11. The Night of the Hunter (oh, my goodness yes, Robert Mitchum as bad daddy preacher)

12. Sweet Smell of Success (always thought it was a musical by the title. . .)

13. The Killing (the Stanley Kubrick racetrack movie, fab nonlinear narrative)

14. Ace in the Hole (huh?)

15. Shadow of a Doubt (Joseph Cotton as widow murdering uncle, Hitchcock's favorite of his own movies)

16. Laura (saw it a long time ago, plus my name is Laura!)

17. O Drakos (huh?)

18. Du riffi chez les hommes (pretty sure this one is French :))

19. Out of the Past (don't know this one)

20. White Heat (excessive Jimmy Cagney gangster, wonderful)

21. Key Largo (more Bogey, more Bacall)

22. I Am a Fugitive from a Chaingang (haven't seen it, but know that feeling)

23. Night and the City (don't know this one)

24. In a Lonely Place (nope, don't know, more Bogey)

25. The Big Heat (oh, gosh, yes)

26. Pickup on South Street (sounds smoldery for 1953, How the law took a chance on a B-girl... and won!)

27. Angels with Dirty Faces (think this one is about fugitives on the lam or something)

28. Asphalt Jungle (not to be confused with Blackboard Jungle, gritty and great)

29. Body and Soul (not sure about this one, boxing)

30. Odd Man Out (don't know this one, but James Mason!)

31. The Killers (the lovely Ava Gardner, but I haven't seen it)

32. Scarface (the original, not the Al Pacino, no cocaine)

33. Scarlet Street (never heard of this one)

34. Deadly is the Female aka Gun Crazy (oh, wow, a great campy violent movie about a gun wielding couple)

35. Thieves' Highway (never heard of this one either, Rackets Ride The Roads!)

36. The Narrow Margin (never heard of it or anyone in it, wow)

37. The Woman in the Window (seriously, have you heard of any of these?)

38. The Letter (finally! Bette Davis)

39. The Set-Up (boxing, never seen it)

40. Mildred Pierce (oh, my golly, yes, gratutious Joan Crawford!)

41. The Lady from Shanghai (yachts and murder, yay!)

42. Gilda (the incomparably gorgeous Rita Hayworth)

43. Brute Force (don't know, prison picture)

44. The Big Clock (ditto, don't know, The strangest and most savage manhunt in history)


46. No Man of Her Own (ooooh, that sounds steamy, more Barbara Stanwyck)

47. Leave Her to Heaven (Hers was the deadliest of the seven sins. . . I'm guessing not sloth.)

48. Where the Sidewalk Ends (the book by Shel Silverstein? No, this is different)

49. Murder, My Sweet (one of the greatest titles of all time)

50. Nightmare Alley (He was all things to all men ... but only one thing to all women)

So, I'm going to try to watch all of these here over the next couple of months. Don't be surprised if I start using the term "dame" a lot, okay? I'm still wondering how they missed Cat People. I thought that was high noir?

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