Saturday, August 1, 2009

The "Tangled up in Blue" Experiment, Part Five

Welcome back to this ongoing little jaunt through a poetic piece of songwriting. The idea is that I'm going to create a piece of jewelry for each line from Bob Dylan's song, "Tangled up in Blue." So far, it's offered me a great creative ride down a new boulevard, and I've made some jewelry that I don't believe I would have made otherwise.

On to line five:

"I was standing by the side of the road, rain falling on my shoes. . ."

I, of course, fixated on shoes. Shocker, huh? I put together a little silver pendant with a vintage image of a Louis XVIII mule. I know, Bob Dylan would probably never wear such a shoe, but I would! The image came from a circa 1930's French dictionary, and it's so precious. I then took small, blue millefiori beads, with white and yellow floral details, and silver beads to finish up. The millefioris are like a rain of flowers. All together, it's a sweet little necklace.

Practically speaking, I'm not sure that you ought to wear these shoes by the side of the road in the rain. . . But, metaphorically, I think it works out just fine!

Coming next, line six!

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