Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vintage! Yard sale victory!

I've been stopping at yard sales occasionally over the past few weeks, and had decided that all they sell in my neck of the woods is scarred end tables and bicycle parts and tires. However, I was out and about on Friday, and stopped at a sale on the way home. This fellow had a bunch of old watches, one of my current passions, as well as some other vintage jewelry. Somehow, for $7.00, I ended up with a whole box of great stuff, including four lovely old watches that I can make groovy steampunk jewelry from. One is from the twenties, and is so gorgeous that I'm not sure I can take it apart. I wound the large square-faced man's watch, and it runs. We'll see if it keeps time.

These small joys in life keep us going, don't they?

Oh, and he also had a bunch of scarred end tables and some bicycle parts.

Happy hunting!

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