Saturday, August 29, 2009

The "Tangled up in Blue" Experiment, Part Seventeen

To keep everyone in the blue loop, I'm fashioning a piece of jewelry inspired by each line from the wonderful Bob Dylan song, "Tangled up in Blue." And here is line seventeen:

"So I drifted down to New Orleans where I happened to be employed. . ."

A couple of things about this line--first off, I always thought that he was singing, "where I was lucky enough to be employed." Secondly, a little strange that I made this bracelet on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I've had lots of intriguing little coincidences going on lately.

So, I used the oceanic blue pressed glass beads from CaladoniaMarch on etsy. Then, I rooted through my charm stash, looking for New Orleans related items. Here's what I found: a crown for the King of Mardi Gras, a corss, a scallop seashell, a really lovely detailed cross, a scaly chameleon, a spooky voodoo skull, a cherub, and a tiny fleur de lys.

I visited New Orleans awhile back, and fell in love with the city. It felt more European than American, and I would love to return some day, to revisit. Unusual and charming.

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