Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jewelry making tip #6, derailed

So, if you'll all recall, jewelry making tip number six was "Use what you have." This is such a lovely practical tip, and I really intended to stick to it, at least for several weeks. However, let's just say that my friend Karen really wanted to go to Hobby Lobby today. Who was I to say no to this wonderful, sympathetic and delightful lady? Not a chance. I picked up. . . um. . . a few new supplies. Now, I have new things and I'm going to use them. Perhaps, this loosely follows the parameters"Use what you have"? I have new stuff to use, yay!
All tips are open to both change and personal interpretation on a case by case basis.

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  1. I sometimes have a hard time sitting down and making something new unless I have some new "toys" with which to play. Thankfully, with these new items I can incorporate the older items I have had sitting around, and next thing you know I have a new love for them! Yesterday I vowed to myself to finally use some charms I bought back in May. The time between now and then has resulted in me being less than thrilled about the items and not liking the final product! Is it because they are "old," or they just suck?