Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here at MAB Studios, we even quality test our gift wrap!

Yes, Franklin helped out this morning by quality testing some of my new organza gift bags. And organza has been sadly missing from the ganza (or blog)! Suffice to say, organza does not stand up very well to kitty teeth and claws. However, the bag was more durable than I originally thought it might be. It stayed more or less in one piece. I'm not sure where it is now. Franklin trotted up the hall with it, so it's probably in one of my shoes.
Don't worry: Materials used for quality testing are not used for shipped customer orders. They officially become just another cat toy.
MAB Jewelry--going the extra mile for complete customer satisfaction.


  1. Lol :) Franklin is such a great name! Gracie likes to quality test my boxes by jumping in and out of them. After she starts chewing on them they become a part of her kitty fort, a growing patchwork mass of cardboard in the living room :)

  2. Both of my boys are all wound up today. Franklin then destroyed the shopping bag that I had my empty jewelry trays in. He and Gus played the Kill You game for about an hour, and now he's just basically screaming into my face because he thinks it's supper time. . .