Monday, September 28, 2009

Pretzel Festival = Mud Fest!

Oh, my goodness, it was marshy at the Pretzel Festival this year! My shoes are still drying out. My display was a bit cramped and simplistic, because the forecast called for driving rain, so no pictures of our set up. Instead, I thought I'd go for some happy festival ambience. Here are the teeny tiny mushrooms that had sprouted beneath the tree next to our tent. I'm glad I got a picture of them early, because they got trampled pretty quickly.

This is my friend Frank with his gorgeous jewelry and extremely professional set up. Frank and Ray are so much fun, and they went the extra mile to keep us entertained during the foggy, misty, swampy weekend. He makes all of his display fixtures. Aren't they gorgeous? Don't you want one? He may start selling them on etsy!

Here are a couple of shots up through the trees. I was trying to be artistic, but photography is really not my medium. This show is held in a beautiful park in Germantown, Ohio. The people are so nice and the setting is so lovely, that we could certainly put up with less than ideal weather.

Our last outdoor show of 2009! Yay, no more tent wrestling. We've put the same tent up a billion times, and Mom and I still can never quite remember how it works. How is that possible? We sold some jewelry, had great food and talked to a lot of wonderful people.
I love the Pretzel Festival. Even if I was ankle-deep in mud. . .

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