Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway! Yay! Drama!

Yes, they made dresses out of newspaper, and Jeffrey Sebelia did that so well already in Season Three. Yes, this dress on the left lost, and it should have been the losing design, because it's a cross between cavewoman and papier mache pinata nightmare. Yes, a lot of the design-testants made quite lovely garments from a strange material, and I was impressed by their capabilities and innovation.

But can we talk about the drama? Finally! Sure, there's been a little bit of snippity-snap between people off and on, whispering behind each other's backs and general light nastiness. Can we be honest with one another? I watch Runway 62% for the fashion--watching creative people in a stressful environment churning out designs under crazy time constraints with no budget for supplies. I'm delighted when something stunning comes down that runway. There were several garments last night that were surprisingly gorgeous. But 38% of the reason I watch is for the potential drama, and I am not ashamed to admit that. It's fun. They're in a pressure cooker situation from hell, trapped in a workroom, sharing living space, and eventually they're bound to explode all over each other. I would probably get to that point myself by week two. I respect the designers who don't freak, but, my goodness, I enjoy it when the other ones lose their damn minds.
Last night, the losing fellow, Johnny, lost his damn mind all over the place. He's been a weak link since week one, when he had a sobbing meltdown because he just kicked meth and couldn't handle the pressure of the competition. In week one. When they had a decent budget, real fabric, and had to make a dress. I kinda knew that he was going to go weird again at some point.
The original dress he made was painted to look like the newspaper had been used to wrap bloody meat and then sculpted, wet, into a tube with weird suicidal origami swans on the shoulders. Tim Gunn actually said that it looked like birds had attacked the dress. Ah, Tim. . . but more on Tim later. So, Johnny made a new dress, sort of. Mostly, he spent his time doing the crossword. Seriously. Dude sat down and did the crossword out of the newspaper that he was supposed to be using for his dress design. Sigh.
He then concocted some bizarro untrue story about the steamer attacking his original dress, a dress that had been comparable to a Dior. Sigh again. He unwisely repeated this silly fabrication on the runway, and another designer called him on it. He then called the other designer a jerk, on the runway, in front of the judges. (And where is Michael Kors? Where is Nina Garcia?) Heidi said his model looked like a hooker, and I knew he was doomed.
However, the pinnacle of joy from this episode came from my beloved Tim Gunn, who fiddled with his shirt cuffs rather than hugging Johnny goodbye upon his exit! And, after Johnny had gone off to clean up his workspace and exit their reality, Tim let loose with a multisyllabic verbal slap in Johnny's delusional general direction that caused me to go insane. I have always had a crush on the urbane, sympathetic, well-spoken Tim Gunn, but Tim Gunn angry? Utterly hot, I tell you. Crazy smoking sexy hot.
Some brunette chick made a coat that won, but I liked the one fellow's feathery dress better.
Now, back to Tim. Did I mention how fabulous he is? Tim. Call me.


  1. Fun post - I don't watch the show & enjoyed your spin :D

    Thanks for so often popping by my blog & leaving your generous comments

  2. Ahhh! I couldn't keep my eyes in my head when Tim went off! It was like watching a couple break up in highschool when you know the inside dirt, you hate it, but can't stop smiling and giggling...