Friday, September 18, 2009

The "Tangled up in Blue" Experiment, part 23

I think we might be nearing the halfway point, patient readers! So, I'm creating a piece of jewelry inspired by each line from the Bob Dylan song, "Tangled up in Blue." We have reached line twenty-three, and it goes like this:

"I just kept looking at the side of her face in the spotlight so clear."
I remembered these white glass face beads that I had tucked away in my stash, as well as this assortment of turquoise blue gorgeous beads, threw in a couple different shapes of gold beads, and we have a quirky little bracelet. Yay!
Gosh, I so love making jewelry. Can you tell?
And why is Blogger so weird? It's eating my spaces between paragraphs. My layout in the new post box is all jacked up. . . I'm going to just do my thing and let blogger fall where it may.


  1. It's beautiful ! yes I can tell you love making these stunning jewerly of yours.

  2. Oh, geez, I split an infinitive in that post. . . What has become of me?