Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why such silly names?

Blog. I loathe the word "blog." It's just so unpleasant to say. Blog. See? It's a shortened version of the term "weblog." Weblog sounds so much more futuristic and groovy, like something from Star Trek. Blog. Blah + ugh = blog. Did you know that there are more than 120 million active blogs going on right now? Couldn't we all band together and think of a better word? Like "organza"? Can we call our blogs organzas? Let's start a new trend. I would love to feature you on my organza. Or we could shorten that to "ganza." So much prettier.

Welcome to my ganza. Make yourself at home.

Then there's Twitter. Ick. It sounds like a band of twits chirping around. Why is it called this? It started as "Twitch," and I honestly like that better. I'd rather twitch than be a twit, if you know what I'm saying. I drink a lot of coffee, so I tend to twitch anyway. As a matter of fact, I had a friend who used to call me "Twitchy." They called it Twitter because the word was close to twitch in the dictionary, and it was a cuter word. And, thus, a billion dollar empire was formed. Can anyone think of a better name for this? Because I'm kinda digging Twitcher, and this is, after all, my ganza (blog, remember).

So, now I'm officially a Twitcher with a ganza who sells on etsy.

etsy. No one knows why it's named this. It's a deep, dark secret, like the Freemasons or Rosacrucians. I guess I'd better keep my linguistic hands off that one, then. . .


  1. I HATE BLOG TOO. that's the noise you make when you throw up.

  2. LOL! Thanks for the smile! I would love to be featured on your 'ganza' anytime! :)

  3. hahaha yes blog is a little to close to bog or fugg.How bout dropping the B so you could say welcome to my log like captain's log these are voyages of my ganza with a twitcher.
    Ganza sounds like a big space sausage ! hehehe

  4. I'm jumping on this ganza bandwagon.

    And Twitter. What the hell is it anyway. I hate it even though I know nothing about it. I think the name feeds my hate.

  5. I use it, but I'm not sure what it does, or if I'm just annoying people. Twitch twitch.