Thursday, October 8, 2009

I heart velvet

I flipped my closet yesterday, from summer clothes to fall and winter clothes, and I realized just how many velvet articles of clothing I have. Most people don't wear a lot of velvet, it seems, but I would wear it every day, if I could. Now, I've revealed my drag queen tendencies previously, but I think I've figured out the whole velvet thing.
When I was a wee child, and my mama used to make all of my clothes, one year she made me a velvet jacket. It was multicolored and multi-patterened, predominately deep red and blue, with paisleys and such, and had fab brass shank buttons on it. If I had that jacket today, I would wear it and love it. I grew up in southern Florida, so I could pretty much wear it all winter long. I wore it until I wore it out. So, it's no surprise that my favorite shirt, a red velvet button front shirt with ruffled sleeves and collar, made me so happy when I pulled it out of the closet after its off season. I said, out loud, "I love you, red velvet shirt."
Mmmm, velvet. Oh, yeah, and I also love the Velvet Underground, pictured above.


  1. Velvet is so beautiful.I have a green velvet jacket that is so very dear to me.I've had red,blue,black,green and brown velvet jackets in the past.I used to have a purple velvet dress many years ago that I wore everyday ! Your multicoloured and paisley jacket sounds cool !
    Velvet Underground is classic velvet.
    I'll post a pic of my green velvet jacket as I'll be posting pics of things I'm keeping and things I'm getting rid of.

  2. We used to have a wonderful theater in Seattle called the Velvet Elvis :) I don't think I've ever owned anything velvet. Sounds like I've been deprived. Lots of fake stuff when I was younger though. One of my favorite shirts as a kid was a royal blue velour top. I know, I know velour ain't velvet. That jacket sounds amazing. If you have a photo, wouldn't it be fun to submit it as an alchemy request!