Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shoes! John Galliano Spring 2010

Heaven help me, but I think these are absolutely amazing from a design standpoint. The cutesy anklets with them are a bit puzzling, but the shoes are unreal, aren't they? The graduated slanting pearl heels, the embellished platforms, the little bits of jewelry and charms and flash. I want to make jewelry inspired by these shoes. Wearable? Not so much. Fantabulistic? You betcha.


  1. Good lord! Those could be in a horror movie about shoes! Okay, so definitely interesting to look at but they would KILL your poor feet. I'm miss practical when it comes to shoes though. You could probably do an entire post on how boring the shoes in my closet are :)

  2. I love them because they're so unusual, but have a retro vibe to them as well. I don't think most people could actually wear them or walk in them though. Technically, they sort of fail as shoes then, don't they? :)