Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vintage! Too many Harvey Wallbangers!

Yes, dear readers, there was a time, not so long ago, when it was perfectly socially acceptable to light up your filterless Lucky Strike and drink way too many highballs at the Friday night neighborhood cocktail party. In fact, I think it may have been a requirement. Now, either activity may get you kicked off your insurance plan.
Look what I uncovered while decluttering! Yes, it's a metal tip tray from some swanky cocktail bar from about 1952, complete with tipsy pink elephants and bubbling cocktail glasses.
Ah, hallucinations and the DT's. . . such innocent times. . .
This fabulous piece of retro joy is for sale in my etsy shop. I used to keep it on my dresser for holding jewelry, but the possibilities are endless.


  1. Love it. It's kitschy-cool.

    I collect Couroc of Monterey trays. They're equally fun.

  2. wow, you have such great taste in vintage. first those glasses, then this!

  3. I love quirky little stuff. Little by little, I'm going to keep weeding it out!

  4. This is ADORABLE! What a treasure! I am very jealous of the lucky buyer who already snatched this up. I was going to buy it for myself! LOL!

  5. Hopefully, I'll uncover more fun vintage stuff while I continue my decluttering of the MAB cave.