Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stripper shoes!

You know, they say that the extreme always makes an impression. Just for the record, I couldn't even walk, let alone dance, in any of the shoes featured in this post. Yet I have this bizarre fascination with the engineering of them, the ridiculous exaggeration, even the lighthearted fun of them. I had see through shoes once, and my feet looked all smooshed and weird in them, and they never made it out of the house. See what you think. . . Yes, the disco balls roll around whilst you're dancing.
For when you want a little goth touch.

Dice, poker chips and mini playing cards. Ante up!

Seriously, there's a mini light up stripper inside the sole of the shoe! Does it get any more fab than this?

Not sure what the Asian characters say, so insert your own joke/translation here.

Love, love, love the cherry embroidery.

Hot dog, they glow in the dark! Magical.

Kinda like those sneakers you had as a kid that lit up when you walked.

Okay, these absolutely scream, "Drag Queen!"

Gloriously, ridiculously implausible.

Almost demure. . . for eight inch platform heels.

These have a glow in the dark tip jar right in the see through sole! Practical and stylish.
Yeah, don't you secretly want a pair?


  1. I've always wanted a pair of those shoes :-X

  2. Oh dear LORD! I would kill myself in a pair of those. I mean, literally kill myself. Do like the pink glittery drag queen ones though . . .

  3. Fabulous! I wouldn't even consider putting them on my feet, but they look amazing!

  4. These shoes are not made for walking ! sexy but crazy.

  5. OHMIGOD, those are awesome, especially the disco balls and tip jar!!

  6. That last pair is the most practical thing I've ever seen.WOW.

  7. Love them! If only!?!?! It would never happen but fun looking at them! Thanks for sharing. T. :)

  8. Well, there's actually a whole science behind these shoes......

    The slick plastic helps pole dancers stay on the pole better when they are doing fancy tricks because the plastic likes to stick to the metal of the pole. It's almost like a safety precaution. Isn't that funny? These shoes? Safety? HAH!