Thursday, November 19, 2009

My favorite etsy artists! SteviT

I was grazing through etsy the other day, and happened upon SteviT's etsy shop. If you give SteviT an alpaca, she can give you a multitude of amazing items. Take a look at this adorable, lifelike baby opossum. I have a thing for opossums, and have fallen in love with this amazing little guy. Stevi needle felts from the fiber from her alpaca herd. Basically, if you think about it, she starts with a pile of alpaca fur, and ends with this amazingly realistic opossum peeking out from a log. As someone who doesn't even sew, I am so fascinated by the creativity and artistry of this process, and Stevi's talent awes me.

We all love wearable art. Here's a SteviT critter that you can pin to your lapel. This Harvest Squirrel pin is also needle felted from alpaca fiber, with felted acorns incorporating real acorn caps. He's set on a flower with a pin back, and would be so spirited pinned to your winter coat. Look at that animated squirrelly little face. How adorable is he? It's no wonder that her critters have been nationally recognized and won awards.
You could also pin Harvest Squirrel to one of SteviT's gorgeous free form felted hats, like her Fun Flowers hat in burgundy, with lovely crocheted flowers and vintage buttons. What a special, one of a kind cloche style hat, a warm and fashionable piece of art. I think the squirrel would love to live in those flowers.

And now for the showstopper finale! Father Time! He's a one-of-a-kind cernit artist sculpture/doll, cloth over a
wire armature, and completely poseable. Stevi handpainted his face, and his hair is alpaca fur. Plus, he's bedecked with watch parts and time pieces.

SteviT also loves custom orders. She can recreate your beloved pets in felted fiber, a furry sculpture.
One of the things I love about etsy is learning about
different artistic media, and finding such incredibly talented and varied artists in the community. SteviT's detailed creations are more than cute and sweet. They're little masterpieces.


  1. this stuff is incredible!

  2. I am so in awe of that little opossum. Seriously.

  3. wow, those are totally awesome! definitely the only type of possum that I can endorse.