Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shout out for The Pursuit of Etsyness!

The lovely seller behind the etsy shop JewelsofSaraswati has started a blog focused on making us all better etsy people. It's called The Pursuit of Etsyness and is filled with tips, help and good-spirited community love. So far, she has written about tagging, photographs, social networking, taxes, treasuries, non-paying buyers, and how to make a zillion dollars in a year selling online. Okay, I made that last one up to see if you were paying attention. It's a fantastic thing that she's doing over there, so stop by, become a follower, and see what kind of knowledge you can pick up. Her shop pictures are so gorgeous that we ought to all follow any photo tips she's giving out, I'll tell you. Plus, she's also welcoming guest bloggers. Think back to the etsy stuff that puzzled you as a newbie, or the stuff that still confounds you. This blog is designed to help out with all of that confusion.
Now, back to the making a zillion dollars in a year idea. If we can just figure that out. . .

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