Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Steampunk! At the Victoria's Secret fashion show? Kind of

Dig this! I was watching The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night, marvelling at the amazing, over the top designs, and the fierce walks on these ladies, not to mention Heidi Klum who had a baby five weeks before the show. I watch mainly to see the outlandish seven foot tall wings, and we didn't get quite enough of those this year. However, then these came down the runway, and I said, "Holy crow, that's steampunk!" Gears, cogs, clock hands, Roman numerals from a clock face--it's definitely steampunk. My favorite look of the evening.
Steampunk has hit mainstream. Well, with a push-up corset bra and butterflies, but still pretty steamy, huh?


  1. Oh I missed the show :(

    I have no clue how Heidi keeps her figure, she is a freak of nature ( in a good way :)

    If you are ever in P. Town you can stop by and drive Poppy :)

    regards, T.

  2. Very cool! Where can I get a pair of those wings? Yay, steampunk!

  3. WOW!! That's awesome. Doesn't this have A LOT to do with Etsy???

  4. Yay steampunk rules! (wings? where can I get a pair of those legs!)