Monday, January 11, 2010

It sounds like good things are afoot at Etsy

Take a look at this recent forum post from Rob, the new (old) CEO of etsy. He's talking about a lot of changes, pretty much a complete overhaul of the site. Now, change is good, but it's also kind of scary, when you're used to dealing with the site we've had for awhile.

However, here are some of the wonderful highlights:

1. A listing will not be marked sold and removed from your etsy shop until it has been paid for. Really? Well, yay, now. Think how much time and effort this will save, not only for sellers trying to track down non-paying buyers, but for etsy admin cancelling sales. Logical and wonderful.

2. Separate shops can be handled under one account. I only have one shop, partly because the thought of balancing multiple shops seemed like a headache to me. Brilliant.

3. Batch editing of listings? Seriously? As someone who went through during the holidays and added a line to every listing, and then had to go back after the holidays, listing by listing, and delete that line. . . all I can say is hallelujah.

4. Changes in the way the site looks, treasuries, forums, categories, searches, convos. . . pretty much everything. Some of it is a little frightening, but how great to hear about making the site more useable for both buyers and sellers.

It's an auspicious declaration. I love etsy, but there are improvements that would make it better, and most of them have been addressed here. Let's see how this one rolls.


  1. Oh this all sounds like steps in the right direction :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a wonderful evening, regards, T. :)

  2. Very exciting Etsy times indeed! Can't wait to see some of the new changes! :)

  3. I'm excited for this!! Hooray Etsy! And horray MAB!! (for being you)

  4. This is exciting, even though I still have so much to learn about the old (current) Etsy!

  5. This sounds great! Thanks for letting us know :) Now off to read the thread yo!

  6. Yay for Rob! I am beyond thrilled that listings will no longer be marked sold and removed until they are paid for. That is the best change Etsy could make, IMHO. :)